How losing my dad made my purpose in life more powerful.

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October 30, 2017

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It’s been two months since I lost my father. I’m an open book to most, but this blog post is probably the most vulnerable I’m going to get. As I’m still dealing with the devastation my heart sits in, this entire situation has shed some serious light on my purpose and passion for life. Since childhood I’ve really loved photography. I have shoeboxes of prints. Prints of nothing really, but I remember how I felt taking those photographs. I felt accomplished.

I feel that same way now, when I complete a wedding or portrait session. I feel that way when I share an emotional sneak peek or when I deliver a wedding book to clients. While my photographs taken as a child might have been of mostly nothing, these photos that I take today are EVERYTHING.

If you don’t believe me, let me explain.

When I was home in Wisconsin a few days after my father died, my sister and I were casually sorting through photos. It was torture. It was love. It was EVERYTHING! We were compiling some of our favorites for a slideshow of my dad to be played at his celebration of life. I found that my sister and I were pulling photographs out to keep. Photos of us playing in the winter snow with dad. Or family photos from various life events as kids. There are too many favorites: The drives to Michigan and stopping along the way to play in the sand dunes, the golf outings decked out in green celebrating our Irish heritage any chance we could, and the football games so proud to have the coach be OUR DAD!

So when I think about a wedding day now, all I can think of is that these photos are EVERYTHING.

I got married in May. My dad walked me down the aisle. We had a dance and so many laughs (and tears).

My sister got married in August. My dad escorted my sister down the aisle with the assistance of my (soldier of a) mother. They had that moment. It was precious and unforgettable for everyone that was there. They shared a dance and a celebratory song before my dad went home to rest.

The next few days were spent loving on each other and it really put so much into perspective.

My dad passed away 5 days later.

So when I say these photos are everything, they are EVERYTHING.

Preservation of this day, and every day, is so important.

My purpose now is stronger than ever: To provide my clients with tangible memories for a lifetime and for generations to enjoy and remember.

Invest in your photography. Print the photos. PLEASE print the photos.

Invest in your story, so it can be retold.

Because it truly is worth sharing, and to your family it is EVERYTHING.


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