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January 29, 2017

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So… this is rarely something I bring up, because, well… it’s personal. Folks are SOOOO excited to get their images and they want to put their own special “touch” to it. However The Editor’s Touch summed it up perfectly in her recent blog post about adding filters to professional photos! (Read it here!) It may seem like a silly thing, but hours are put into color correcting and retouching, and let’s face it, you hired us for our expertise! Below are a few of the common filters that I see placed on photos I deliver. I did these mock-ups simply to show you a side by side of what’s delivered and intended to be shared and what happens to be shared in some cases.





If you’re hell bent on using a filter, use one that brightens your photos. PLEASE do no use the yellow/pink/blue filters!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE!!!!

And for even more etiquette on using professional photographs, read this full blog post here by the editor’s touch.

I thank you for trusting me to photograph your most special moments, and for sharing them in their authentic state!



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