Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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August 14, 2019

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As we gear up for the Fall wedding rush — we’re also leading into peek engagement season. With that comes all the fun of connecting with wedding professionals to help create a beautiful wedding day. Here are my top 5 tips to consider when looking to hire your wedding photographer:

1. Review their work. Not just their IG or their styled shoots (because let’s face it — those are always going to be beautiful!) But really look through their website and portfolio. Don’t see anything like the venue or location where you’re getting married? Ask them!!! Be sure they can deliver what you see online!

2. Check out their reviews! A pretty picture can only go so far! If you’re photographer is an a-hole, I guarantee you will think of that each time you look at your photos!

3. Who do they have helping them? Will they have an assistant that day to roll film or a second shooter to capture all those “in between” moments?? Those are all pivotal roles on a wedding day to keep your photography, and overall, timeline running smoothly!

4. As much as I’d like to say education doesn’t matter — it does, to an extent. I see a lot of great photographers out there who are self taught, and that is great. What I mean by education is, make sure your photographer is technically sound to handle any situation that might be thrown at them on your wedding day. While I’m a natural light photographer, you better believe I know how to use lights and flash — because you HAVE to be able to shoot an indoor reception! My point here is just to make sure they are confident in their work and ability!

5. The last and MOST important factor you should consider when you are hiring a wedding photographer is how they make you feel. Photographers, along with coordinators, will be with you the most on your wedding day. Be sure that you like the person. Will they have your back in an awkward situation and help you get out of it — because I will! Think of it as a friendship, because quite frankly, you should want to be friends with them outside of your wedding! Find the photographer that will make you look and FEEL magical on that day — because those memories far proceed a pretty picture!


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