Yep, She Wore White to MY Wedding!

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August 22, 2019

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We’re going there… because apparently it’s STILL a thing! The wedding industry has come a long way when it comes to white at a wedding and you’ll even see entire bridal parties wearing white (which I LOVE by the way). However, and the is a BIG HOWEVER, there is still a basic etiquette when it comes to wedding attire as a guest. 

When thinking of what you should wear (and this is primarily for the ladies), revisit the invitation. Usually there will be some sort of indication as to attire requests such as Black Tie Only, California Cocktail, or even backyard casual! This helps tremendously when deciding on the formality of the dress, gown, or suit that you’ll be wearing. A helpful reminder — it’s always better to be over dressed, than under dressed! When picking out your ensemble, take into consideration the venue. If the wedding is taking place in a French Chateau, a neon pink slip dress is not likely the way to go. Similarly, if you’re attending a beach wedding in Cabo — you can (and are encouraged) to wear colorful and tropical attire unless otherwise told. White should only be worn if instructed by the invitation and/or the Bride, OR if you are the Bride or Groom!!! That’s right I said it — it’s still not okay to wear white to a wedding even if the dress really does look amazing on you, and YES EVEN IF THE BRIDE SAYS SHE’S OKAY WITH IT! (Yes, I’m yelling — I want to make sure you reallllllly get it!)

After more than a decade in the wedding business, I have never been to a wedding where a guest wore white where someone was not offended by it, whether is was the Bride, her best gals, her Mother-in-law, or the wedding coordinator (because let’s face it, they are the ones reassuring the bride in the bathroom that she looks better). 

Funny story, I had a gal where a BRIGHT WHITE dress to my wedding reception. While I was surprised, I didn’t let it get to me — but boy was my husband PISSED!!! He still jokes about it when talking to me about what I’m wearing to shoot a wedding — “Why not a white dress?”. But really, just don’t. 


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